Shepard Smith accidentally refers to new employer CNBC as CNN

By Michael P. Hill Article may include affiliate links

Newly hired CNBC anchor Shepard Smith slipped up briefly and mixed up his new employer with CNN.

When asked about how the “The News with Shepard Smith,” which is set for a fall 2020 debut, would approach facts and news and how it will gain ground, Smith responded eagerly.

“We expect to put on a newscast and we expect CNN’s — CN — listen to me, I’m the new guy — viewers — to come from everywhere,” Smith said during a live interview with Carl Quintanilla on “Squawk on the Street” July 9, 2020.

He continued to say he believes there will be an audience for a hard cable newscast that’s free of opinion and pundits — something that he thinks has been missing from cable news for some time.