Test pattern interrupts some feeds of CNBC Friday

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Some feeds of CNBC, though it’s not immediately clear the extent fo which, were interrupted for approximately five minutes Friday, Nov. 30, 2018 at around 4:42 p.m. eastern time.

  • The network was in the middle of a live interview with businessman┬áKevin O’Leary on “Closing Bell” when the video and audio switched to a Sarnoff Visualizer digital video test pattern.
  • This unique and proprietary test pattern includes the standard color bars, but also adds features to processing errors through the digital signal chain, according to its website.
  • From a viewer’s perspective, the pattern features a variety of grayscale boxes and patterns along with moving arrows, a clicking sound and stereo aural counting.
  • There is also a more detailed color test pattern as well as photograph of three women with varying skin tones.
  • After about five minutes, affected viewers were returned to “Closing Bell” in progress, with no mention of the problem made on air.