‘The View’ spirals out of control as two hosts find out they have coronavirus during live show

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ABC’s daytime talker “The View” was sent into disarray when it found out two of its co-hosts had tested positive for coronavirus while the show was live on air.

Update: It was later revealed the tests were “false positives.”

The show had a major live, in studio interview with Vice President Kamala Harris planned for Sept. 24, 2021 when co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Anna Navarro were suddenly asked to leave the set.

Co-host Joy Behar, who was filling in as moderator, returned from a commercial break explaining that Hostin and Novarro had both tested positive for coronavirus, despite being vaccinated as required by ABC and Disney policy.

There was then a point of confusion when it appeared the Harris interview was going on as planned from the studio’s trademark desk, but then that was called off too.

Behar and remaining co-host Sara Haines then took impromptu questions from the audience to fill time for multiple segments until Harris was relocated to a “remote” location for the interview.

The show likely had stepped up COVID-19 testing as a precaution ahead of Harris’ interview per White House and Secret Service requests.

The production is also operating under a complex set of protocols and guidelines from the various unions who represent the staff, city government, corporate rules and federal regulations.

As a TV production, the hosts aren’t required to wear masks when on air, even indoors. The studio audience is required to vaccinated due to NYC requirements about indoor entertainment venues. ABC also has masking rules inside its properties that apply to everyone unless they are on air.

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