Man allegedly fires gun at Memphis TV station’s lobby

By Michael P. Hill Article may include affiliate links

A suspected shooter has surrendered to authorities after he allegedly fired a gun toward a Memphis TV station’s lobby.

The man, who was later identified as Jarrad Nathan, reportedly fired a single shot toward WHBQ’s lobby around 11:30 a.m. local time.

According to the station, the suspect approached a station employee at near a gate outside the building. After a conversation, the suspect allegedly revealed the weapon to the employee, who ended the conversation. That’s when the suspect allegedly moved toward the front of the building and fired the shot.

Police were quickly dispatched to the area. The station was evacuated and local businesses were put on lockdown, according to reports.

Earlier reports incorrectly indicated that the shot was fired from inside the lobby.

Fox 13 Memphis reporter Shelia O’Connor tweeted photos of a bullet hole inside the station on what appears to be the front of a piece of furniture with the station’s logo on it.

The alleged shot was fired from an AR-style rifle, according to the station’s website.

After the incident, reports say the suspect entered a nearby hamburger restaurant and barricaded himself inside. Hostage negotiators were called in and Nathan initially agreed to surrender his weapon before surrendering completely and being taken into custody.

WHBQ is reporting that the man streamed a video of himself inside the restaurant live on Facebook.

Later, individuals identifying themselves as the parents of Nathan called the station and explained the man was having a mental health crisis.

“His mamma going to get him some help, today,” the person identifying themselves as his mother told the station on the phone call. “This is a reflection of why his daddy should have been there. You teach your boys how to be men. They need their fathers… It has not been an easy road for me, as a parent.”

The reasons behind the shooting, or whether or not it was targeted toward the station or one of its employees, were not immediately clear.

No one was injured inside the TV station or surrounding buildings.

WHBQ employees were allowed to return to the building after about 30 but remained on lockdown until the situation was resolved.

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