YouTube TV adds 4K add on

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YouTube TV is adding a 4K offering ā€” but at a cost.

The streaming TV provider already costs $64.99 a month but offers a relatively large slate of programming options.

The new 4K streaming option, called 4K Plus, will cost an additional $19.99.

4K quality streaming is currently limited to select live streams and on demand programming from select partners, including ESPN, Fox, Discovery and NBC Sports.

It also requires compatible hardware, whether it be a mobile device, streaming stick or box, tablet or computer and is only available in the U.S. for now.

The 4K Plus plan also unlocks “unlimited” at home streams, subject to certain restrictions.

Of course, adding on another $20 pushes the service closer to traditional cable and satellite provider pricing.

That extra $20 could benefit YouTube TV’s bottom line since the added costs associated with providing 4K streams are likely minimal (YouTube may also have to pay content providers slightly more for 4K content).