Combating a national shortage, Wingstop launched DoorDash partnership that sells thighs instead

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Facing a nationwide chicken wing shortage and price hikes, Wingstop has created a virtual restaurant concept that sells thighs instead.

As part of a partnership with DoorDash, the chain launched “Thighstop” — that, as you might imagine, sells chicken thighs prepared in the same style it prepares wings.

The concept, which includes its own website,, sells fried boneless and bone in chicken thighs, dips, fries and beverages.

The chicken itself comes in the same 11 flavors Wingstop offers.

The menu is only available for ordering exclusively via DoorDash and can be picked up or delivered from 1,400 participating locations across the U.S.

Thighs are not officially available for dine in for locations that offer this option.

Wingstop is continuing to offer chicken wings and its full menu that also includes tenders and boneless wings, assuming supplies of wings hold up.

With this launch, Wingstop essentially created a virtual restaurant that operates out of its existing locations in a setup that’s similar to the “ghost kitchen” concept (albeit one that’s owned by the same company and has similar menu items and branding).

Ironically, selling fried chicken wing parts soaked in sauce initially became popular because it was a good way to use a less desirable part of the animal.

Wings have grown in popularity ever since their introduction in the 1960s (the exact origin is up for debate, though the “Buffalo” moniker the product often gets refers to the city of Buffalo, New York).

Likely due to this popularity, chicken wings have become more pricey over the years and many restaurants charge premium prices for wings — though it’s also common to see specials for lower prices per wing on select days of the week.

While many restaurants of all kinds sell wings all year round, it’s also common to see them sold at pizza restaurants or locations that only sell wings and tenders.

Wing sales, along with pizza, tend to soar around the Super Bowl each year.