Shopify announces its own email marketing solution

Shopify has announced it’s taking the plunge into the world of email marketing.

  • Shopify Email, which is only available to select merchants at launch, will rollout widely in 2020.
  • The move is part of a growing suite of marketing tools Shopify directly developers and integrates with, as opposed to third party apps.
  • The offering promises “highly customizable” templates, as well as the ability to directly import products images, text and links.
  • Store owners can apply for early access, which Shopify says will be free.
  • When the product officially launches, Shopify email will be a “low cost” add on fee.

The move isn’t surprising at all — talk that Shopify would eventually build its own email marketing solution has been circulating for years.

  • As it was originally built, Shopify steered clear of the email marketing business, instead preferring to let third party services integrate with the platform.
  • Then there was the high profile spat with leading email marketing company Mailchimp that resulted in that integration being pulled (but then restored) just days before Black Friday in 2018 — and eventually leading to a bitter breakup.
  • As the battle between the two companies heated up — which were reportedly (at least officially) centered around privacy concerns — rumblings that Mailchimp was developing an ecommerce platform emerged.
  • Though email marketing is a fairly crowded space, Shopify obviously has the advantage of being able to directly integrate with its existing customers, potentially reducing the barrier of having to switch email marketing services.
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