Here are the alternatives for Mailchimp for Shopify

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After Shopify pulled the Mailchimp for Shopify app from the App Store Nov. 16, 2018, anyone looking to add email marketing to a Shopify store suddenly found a large gap in options.

  • Mailchimp, which is a leading email marketing provider, previously provided a free app for Shopify users that would synchronize Shopify customer lists with Mailchimp lists.
  • However, with Shopify apparently pulling the plug on the app — at least temporarily — that option is no longer available for new signups.
  • Existing users who installed and configured the app before Nov. 16 are not affected as of now.

Meanwhile, this essentially means that anyone looking to start email marketing after Nov. 16 can’t use Mailchimp’s app to automate the process of moving contacts from Shopify to Mailchimp — but there are some alternatives:

These services offer an approved app in the Shopify App Store, which means that integration can be easier than manually installing contact forms or other code, though the exact functionality and features vary.

Other options include: