A week later and less than half of CNN+ launch NFTs have been sold

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While it’s tough to know just how many people are subscribing to CNN+, the network’s new streaming service, the sale of NFTs of its debut appear to be off to a slow start.

CNN opted to sell 250 NFTs of CNN+’s first live show, “5 Things with Kate Bolduan” through its Vault by CNN initiative, which sells other NFTs from the network’s archives.

The network started selling 250 of the CNN+ launch March 30, 2022. As of April 6, 2022, or about a week later, only 119 have been bought — or not even half of what is available. 131 remain as if this writing.

CNN is charging $50 each for the NFTs, meaning it could potentially bring in $12,500 if it manages to sell all of them at full price.

While CNN is not disclosing signup or subscription data on CNN+, the Vault by CNN site, by design, lists how many NFTs are available and how many have been sold.

The sale of NFTs doesn’t necessarily correlate directly to signups or viewership of the streamer since NFTs are decidedly “techie” and not as likely to attract as much interest, even among diehard CNN fans.