‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ will add a ‘Triple Jeopardy!’ round

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Celebrity Jeopardy!” is making its return — with a super-sized format.

The primetime series will air on ABC and feature Mayim Bialik as host.

In major markets, this means the same station that airs the daily syndicated versions of the show will carry both. However, in other markets the celebrity episodes could be on a different station (but it will always be the ABC affiliate).

Each episode will run an hour and rather than simply run two episodes back-to-back, producers will introduce a whole new round to be played after the “Double Jeopardy!” round, appropriately called “Triple Jeopardy!”

This round will be similar to other rounds of the show — with six categories and five clues each — but will, in keeping with its name, feature three Daily Doubles instead of the one in the first round and second in “Double.”

Another change is the dollar figures.

In 2001, “Jeopardy!” doubled all clue values on the board with the “Jeopardy!” round having $200, $400, $600, $800 and $1,000 clues. “Double Jeopardy!” normally has $400, $800, $1,200, $1,600 and $2,000 clues. This also, by extension, increased the maximum amount a player with a low or negative score could wager when hitting a Daily Double.

However, for “Celebrity Jeopardy!” clue values are $100, $200, $300, $400 and $500 in the first round, $200, $400, $600, $800 and $1,000 in the second and $300, $600, $900, $1,200 and $1,500 in “Triple Jeopardy!”

That change may have been a way to limit potential winnings to fit within the show’s prize budget, which, in the case of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” ends up becoming a donation to charity.

The “Final Jeopardy!” round will continue to be played after “Triple.”

The show has lined up a celebrity lineup that includes Simu Liu, Constance Wu, Iliza Shlesinger, Ray Romano, Aisha Tyler, Patton Oswalt, Michael Cera, B.J. Novak and Candace Parker.

This means that the celeb contestants will be dealing with about 50% more material than in a typical game. It’s not immediately clear how hard “Triple Jeopardy!” will be. Traditionally, “Double” tends to be harder than the first round, but there have been reports that celebrity editions have material simplified a bit overall.

The fact that Bialik will host the first ever “Triple Jeopardy!” round in the U.S. show’s history is a bit ironic after she came under fire from fans for referring to the first round of the show, traditionally known as just the “Jeopardy!” round as “Single Jeopardy!”

In the past, “Jeopardy!” has offered primetime specials that featured games that overlapped across multiple nights as a way around the issue of filling an entire hour.

“Jeopardy!” previously offered “Celebrity Jeopardy!” as part of its normal weekly shows from time to time, sometimes using its traditional two-week tournament format. This outing will not use a tournament format.