‘Jeopardy! Amy’ signs with CAA

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Recording breaking “Jeopardy!” champ Amy Schneider has signed on with talent agency CAA, The Hollywood Reporter first reported.

Schneider wrapped her 40-game winning stream on the episode that aired Jan. 26, 2022 (but was actually taped back in November 2021).

She won $1,382,800 on her run.

Over the course of the 40 shows she appeared on, Schneider discussed a wide range of interests and opportunities she’s considering, including possibly writing a book. She’s also hosted a podcast in the past — so it’s possible future projects could revolve around any of these areas or expand into new ones.

By signing with CAA, Schneider can potentially gain access to the agency’s connections in the world TV, film, publishing, digital platforms, endorsement deals, speaking engagements and more.

CAA could, for example, help broker a book deal with a publisher or sign her to appear on other game shows that use “Jeopardy!” champs, though there’s no official word that any of these potential plans are being considered or are in the works.

Typically agencies such as CAA take a percentage of whatever their client (Schneider, this case) is paid for the deals they broker, with percentages varying depending on the type of work being done and what the talent and agency negotiate.

Given Schneider’s popularity right now, she may have already been attracting interest from publishers, producers and companies to work with her and she could, at least in theory, negotiate the deals directly.

However, the legal intricacies of these agreements are often challenging and that’s part of the reason agents earn what they do.

Having a well established agency such as CAA backing her also has the advantage of being able to tap into their network of industry bigwigs and have someone watching out for her interests during negotiations.

Some celebrities have multiple agents — some might only handle speaking engagements, for example, something fellow former champ Ken Jennings has.

It’s not immediately clear what areas Schneider’s CAA deal covers.