Al Sharpton interviews Omarosa from nearly deserted newsroom while her IFB refuses to cooperate

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The Rev. Al Sharpton managed a big “get” for his Sunday morning MSNBC show “PoliticsNation” — former Donald Trump aide Omarosa Manigault Newman — but her interview took place from a desolate looking newsroom and was plagued with awkward moments.

  • During the early portion of the interview, Newman struggled with her IFB earpiece several times.
  • Her eyes darted off camera desperately during while she fidgeted with the IFB.
  • At one point, she acknowledged her earpiece was “popping out” on air, and then proceeded to continue talking her her hand pressed against the side of her face.
  • The look is reminiscent of the often parodied “live reporter in the field” who is on the scene of breaking news that, apparently, generates so much noise he or she has to press the IFB into the ear canal to hear.
  • Newman was being interview lived from the studios of WTLV and WJXX in Jacksonville, Florida, where she was, according to Sharpton, attending church services that morning.
  • The darkened space behind her was actually the Tegna duopoly’s newsroom — though it was nearly deserted that early on a Sunday morning.
  • At one point, a staffer can be seen walking from one side of the screen to other, though the newsroom was so dark, if he was looking for his “15 seconds of fame,” it wasn’t very noticeable.
  • Looking closely, it’s possible to make out some cubicles, chairs and equipment, as well as a muddy, dark printed background.

  • The newsroom position is used during both station’s newscasts, which are known under the shared name “First Coast News.”
  • Watch Newman struggle with her IFB and the “mystery man” walkthrough in this video: