America’s must trusted news source is actually The Weather Channel: YouGov

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

CNN proclaims itself as the “most trusted name in news,” but, at least according to a new YouGov research, the real most trusted name actually has more to do with the weather than news.

According to a 1,500 person poll conducted by the research firm, The Weather Channel is actually the most trusted news source among the Americans it surveyed.

The network is rated as “trustworthy” by 52% of respondents.

When broken down by registered voters, 62% of the Democrats said they trust the network; compared with 50% of Republicans.

That figure is interesting in that The Weather Channel frequently covers climate change and environmental issues as part of its weather coverage, which can be a highly volatile topic between the two parties.

PBS comes in second in the poll at 41%, the U.K.’s BBC at 39% and The Wall Street Journal at 38%.

CNN, in fact, gets labeled as “most politically polarizing” according to the published poll results, with 65% of Democrats ranking it as trustworthy but only 11% of Republicans saying the same thing.

Somewhat ironically, CNN’s Anderson Cooper ranks as the most trusted news personality among those respondents who were familiar with his name. “ABC World News Tonight” anchor David Muir comes in second and Fox’s Bret Baier is third.

Over the years, NBC has heavily touted “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt as the most trusted anchor in America, based on the results of a 2018 Hollywood Reporter and Morning Consult poll, but he’s not even ranked on the YouGov study.

While YouGov is based in the U.K., the survey respondents in this poll were all Americans.