Amy Robach reportedly headed to NewsNation

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Nexstar’s NewsNation is reportedly looking to hire former ABC News anchor Amy Robach, making her the latest in a series of network cast-offs to join the effort.

According to unnamed Daily Mail sources, Robach is expected to start at NewsNation in January 2024, which would be a year after she negotiated an exit from ABC News that may have included a non-compete clause forcing her to sit out any on-air jobs for a year.

The Daily Mail sources claim that her former co-anchor T.J. Holmes, who also exited the network after news of the couple’s behind-the-camera dalliances emerged, is not be considered for a job with the network.

Initially, meetings included the idea of pairing to the two together on air again, but that has since shifted direction and the latest development is focusing on only Robach, with the show using a working title of “Robach & Company.”

None of this information was confirmed by reps for Robach, Holmes or NewsNation.

That name could notably leave the possibility for Holmes — or any other broadcasters, analysts or guests, to appear on a regular basis and seems to suggest the show could be a panel-based concept.

It’s not clear when the show would air, though one interesting possibility could be airing it at 1 p.m. eastern, her old timeslot. This possibility would displace a generic hour of “NewsNation Now,” which was added as part of the network’s recent shift to an all-news schedule on weekdays.

NewsNation insiders are reportedly greeting the news with mixed feelings — with many feeling like Robach’s hire could cause to much unwanted distraction away from any on-camera work she could contribute.

Although it’s not clear why Holmes’ participation appears to have been dropped from consideration, he did face allegations of having a workplace romance with a subordinate without reporting it to network leadership as required by company policy. Robach, meanwhile, faced allegations of having alcohol in her office, though she reportedly pointed out many of those bottles were gifts from ABC execs.

It was never made entirely clear if ABC considered Robach and Homles’ relationship to be against company policy since they essentially held roles at the same level within the organization, though it could be argued they could leverage their romance as a way to leverage better deals with the network. ABC parent Disney does not completely prohibit workplace romances, but does have rules in place about disclosing them to management and possibly changes in cases where one person could have power or management over the other.

NewsNation has become somewhat of a landing spot for cable and broadcast news talent — including several who left old jobs under clouds of controversy.

Chris Cuomo, who hosts “Cuomo” on the network, was fired by CNN after an internal investigation alleged he had violated company ethics rules by advising his brother, former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, about a sexual misconduct scandal in his administration.

Former Foxer Leland Vittert also landed at NewsNation and the network is lead by Michael Corn, a former ABC producer who left the network amid misconduct allegations that have since been largely discredited.