AT&T changes mobile plans, removing free HBO from all but one (and even that doesn’t get other channels)

Just days after announcing that its “premium unlimited” subscribers would get free access to HBO Max, AT&T has updated its unlimited phone plans in a move that eliminates free (and ) access from all but the highest tier — and that doesn’t include the rest of TV Now channels.

  • “AT&T Unlimited Starter” can cap users data usage at any time when network congestion is high and only lets you stream SD video. In addition, the free AT&T TV Now add on is no longer included for free, but can be added for an extra fee. This plan is $65 for one line or $35 per month per line for four or more lines. This also means no HBO or HBO Max will be included.
  • “AT&T Unlimited Extra” is similar but guarantees 50GB of high speed data before throttling kicks in. There is also 15GB to use your device as a mobile hotspot. It’s billed at $75 for a single line or $40 per line for four or more. Video is still limited to SD. Again, no TV, HBO or HBO Max in this one either.
  • “AT&T Unlimited Elite” costs $85 for one line. Four or more lines can be as low as $50 per month. Throttling starts at 100GB instead of the old 22GB and there’s double the data for mobile hotspots — 30GB. This plan does include a free HBO subscription but no other free entertainment, including AT&T TV Now.
  • The “Elite” plan will also, by extension, include a free HBO Max subscription once the service launches in May 2020.
  • Earlier this month, AT&T began contacting some customers on “legacy” plans that it would start charging extra for AT&T TV Now service.
  • The first two tiers launch Nov. 3, 2019 with the “Elite” one not having a launch date yet.
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