Black eye: CBS goes dark for 6.5 million

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

CBS disappeared from 6.5 million DirecTV and Uverse customers over the weekend as the network and AT&T battle over retransmission fees.

CBS has been removed for DirecTV and Uverse customers in 17 major markets where CBS owns and operates its local affiliate.

CBS reportedly was requesting approximately $1 per subscriber increase in the fee AT&T pays to retransmit the stations’ free over the air signals to its paying subscribers.

It reportedly receives around $2 per subscriber now.

AT&T countered by saying that CBS currently receives the “highest fee we currently pay to any major broadcast network group.”

Because the two companies failed to reach an agreement, the channels were yanked from subscribers.

Talks continue, but both sides are pointing fingers and some say the battle could go on for some time.

CBS, meanwhile, is pointing viewers to its streaming news service, CBSN, and CBS All Access, to watch its programming — albeit delayed in many cases.

DirecTV and Uverse subscribers outside of the 17 markets in question can still view their local CBS affiliate and network programming.

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