CBS adds 12 million ‘out of home’ viewers

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Viewership of CBS’s coverage of Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Feb. 3 has increased by 12 million viewers based on Nielsen’s “out of home” viewing metric.

  • Nielsen’s “out of home” viewing metric provides a more comprehensive view of linear TV viewing habits.
  • It focuses on providing data on television viewing outside of the viewer’s primary home in locations such as other people’s homes, bars, restaurants and hotels.
  • With the Nielsen “out of home” viewing audience added, CBS is now claiming a total audience delivery of 112.7 million viewers.
  • CBS has already come under fire for seeming to inflate its numbers by combining the viewership on CBS Television Network, CBS Interactive, NFL digital properties, Verizon Media mobile properties and ESPN Deportes television and digital properties.
  • In its latest press release, CBS does note that the new 112.7 million viewership number includes properties outside of CBS, in addition to “out of home” data.