‘CBS Evening News’ D.C. debut probably couldn’t have come on a worse news day

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The debut of “CBS Evening News” from Washington, D.C. probably couldn’t have come on a worse day for the show to emphasize its D.C. roots.

  • CBS, like “NBC Nightly News” and “ABC World News Tonight” lead with coverage of the winter storm hitting the northeast.
  • However, the storm mostly avoided Washington, though “Evening News” still covered it and the significant impacts it’s having on travel Dec. 2, 2019.
  • In fact, “Nightly” even had anchor Lester Holt broadcast the first portion of the newscast from the roof of Rockefeller Center, where light snow could be seen falling on him.
  • The networks did briefly cover the impeachment proceedings taking place in the capital, which was the major news out of Washington of the day.
  • The network also debuted a new set and graphics.

In fairness, CBS has been emphasizing the that just because “Evening” moved to Washington, it would still cover national and world news as warranted.

  • If anything, this broadcast drove home that pledge.
  • That said, with the hot political landscape of late, CBS probably wished it would been a bit more of a busy news day in D.C.
  • CBS will, however, be able to take advantage of its Washington locale come Dec. 4 when the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings start.