CNN anchor Jim Sciutto on ‘personal leave’ after fall in Amsterdam

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

CNN Newsroom” anchor Jim Sciutto has been asked to take “personal leave” after a “serious fall” that happened in Amsterdam.

The Daily Beast originally reported that Sciutto was under an internal investigation by the network after the fall, which reportedly happened when he and a CNN crew was traveling back to the U.S. from assignment in Ukraine.

Sources told The Daily Beast that Sciutto and his produced allegedly added a stopover in the Dutch city despite most other CNN staffers catching direct flights from Poland to the U.S. when returning from war-torn Ukraine.

It’s not immediately clear why an accident such as a fall would trigger an internal investigation and CNN has not responded to multiple separate outlets’ requests for comment.

It’s also not clear what caused the fall or why the network appears to be framing it as “personal leave” as opposed to “medical leave,” which could be indicative that there is more to the incident than can be disclosed publicly. However, CNN has not confirmed that and it’s possible Sciutto is simply taking some time off after complications from his injury arose.

Amsterdam has gained a reputation as a city with some more adult-themed attractions, though there is no confirmed evidence that Sciutto was involved in any such activity.

It’s likely that much of the factors surrounding incident will remain quiet, with the network citing employee privacy, unless Sciutto decides to disclose more information.

Sciutto normally co-anchors an afternoon edition of “Newsroom” with Poppy Harlow, who has been announced as one of three co-anchors on the yet-to-be-named new CNN morning show that will also include Don Lemon and Kaitlan Collins.

It wasn’t announced if Harlow would leave “Newsroom,” though appearing on both shows would likely require a difficult work schedule.