CNN announces personal finance podcast with social media expert

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CNN Audio is continuing to expand its podcast programming with the upcoming debut of “Diversifying” on Feb. 28, 2022, a new weekly podcast on personal finance.

Fostering insightful discussions about how the financial system can work for us, instead of against us, host Delyanne Barros — nationally recognized money expert also known as Delyanne “The Money Coach” on TikTok and Instagram—creates a welcome space for people of color, women, single households, and others who have traditionally been left out of conversations around personal finance.

Throughout the series, Barros speaks with real people, as well as with money experts, who are faced with the challenge of balancing cultural expectations with their own financial needs. Whether that’s struggling to negotiate pay as a woman of color, or supporting one’s parents as they enter retirement, “Diversifying” offers listeners actionable steps toward better financial health, all while validating struggles with money—no matter what the starting point.

“We all want financial stability, but not everyone knows how to make it happen in a way that speaks to their individual needs and experiences,” says Barros in a statement. “In ‘Diversifying,’ we’re going to be helping people discover their financial empowerment with actionable advice, while also having real conversations that acknowledge the systemic, emotional and cultural barriers to building wealth.”

Each week, “Diversifying” will explore financial topics such as renting versus buying, student loans, the cost of having a child, climate-conscious investing, generational wealth, negotiating salary and benefits and more.

“Diversifying” will premiere with its first two episodes and will be available on the network’s website, across mobile devices via CNN’s apps for iOS and Android, and on all major podcast platforms. Subsequent episodes will be released every Monday.