CNN apparently didn’t get invited to pre-SOTU luncheon this year

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

Donald Trump has apparently banned CNN anchors from a traditional pre-State of the Union lunch.

Typically major network anchors get invited to the White House for a lunch on the day of the State of the Union.

The event is typically considered “off the record” but is also meant to help the reporters get a general idea of the mood and tone of the upcoming speech.

However, CNN is reporting that no one on its staff has been invited.

Last year, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper were invited and attended. Blitzer has attended the luncheon 20 years in row — which is one of the longest streaks for any journalists.

The move, if true, represents the latest in a tit for tat battle between the network and White House.

Trump frequently calls CNN “fake news” and spurs supporters into booing the network (and other news organizations) at campaign rallies.

Trump also tweeted a doctored video that showed him attacking a figure with the CNN logo superimposed on its head.

The administration and CNN have also had a legal run in after correspondent Jim Acosta’s “hard pass” was revoked by the White House press office — but a court ultimately ordered it returned.