Conservative producer raises $157K+ to buy Goya Foods amid boycott

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Conservative producer Casey Harper has raised over $157,000 to buy Goya Foods products and donate them to charity.

Harper, who Fox Business identifies as simply a “man,” is a producer for former Fox host Eric Bolling’s Sinclair Broadcast Group’sAmerica This Week.” Harper previously worked for The Daily Caller and The Hill.

The fundraiser drive, hosted on GoFundMe, is pledging to use the funds to buy products from Goya Foods, which has come under target after its CEO, Robert Unanue, praised Donald Trump’s leadership.

The food will then be donated to food banks, according to organizers.

After Unanue’s comments, numerous groups and figures have called for the boycott of the company, which is one of the largest suppliers of Mexican style foods in the U.S.