Dallas reporter scares morning anchor team so bad they run off set

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WFAA’s “Daybreak” morning team got a Halloween surprise on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021.

Four hosts can be seen sitting on high stools in front of the windows of the station’s Victory Park studios and attempt to toss to reporter Sean Giggy for a Halloween report.

After a few moments of dead air, the anchors seem confused — perhaps thinking the feed was down.

That’s when someone, wearing a mask and an orange shirt that was later revealed to be a rather demented clown, can be seen entering the shot camera right (it turns out it was Giggy).

After letting out a monster noise, three of the anchors jumped out of their stools and fled the set.

This type of scare is hardly new — a quick search on YouTube reveals numerous clips of similar incidents.

The coronavirus pandemic put a damper on many of these types of pranks in 2020, with so many shows being anchored remotely and social distancing making it trick to safely carry them out.