DirecTV, Roku drop RT America

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DirecTV and Roku are both dropping RT America, the sister network of Russian state controlled channel RT.

DirecTV had been one of RT America’s largest carriers, so losing that distribution source will likely lead to significant loss in both viewership and revenue. Most pay TV providers pay networks a fee, ranging from a few pennies to $20 or more to carry particular channel. This cost is then passed along to subscribers as part of their monthly bill.

For a network such as RT America, that monthly fee was likely on the lower end.

DirecTV’s agreement with RT America was up this year and in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the company decided to drop the network early.

Roku, which originally stopped carrying the parent network, RT, in Europe, also said it would no longer offer the American network in the U.S.

RT America carries “Dennis Miller+” from the comedian of the same name and “I Don’t Understand with William Shatner.” These shows are produced by Ora Media and licensed to T&R Productions, which, in turn, operates RT America.

It previously carried a show from former CNN personality Larry King before his death.