Disney doesn’t want you to forget about Hulu

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The now Disney owned FX has become a key part of the company’s strategy to remind users about Hulu — even as the Disney+ star rises.

  • Four series, “Mrs. America,” “A Teacher,” “Devs” and “The Old Man” won’t air on FX cable channels at all, but instead are being billed as FX originals under the name “FX on Hulu.”
  • Select FX shows will also be made available on Hulu immediately after they air.
  • This is includes most current shows and all future ones, though popular shows “American Crime Story” and “Pose” aren’t going to be available on Hulu immediately due to licensing restrictions.
  • Disney owned ABC and Fox are also both plugging Hulu on most promos for its current slate of broadcast schedule — with the Hulu logo appear next to a reminder that the show in question is available On Demand as well.
  • Disney gained controlling rights to Hulu after it purchased most of 21st Century Fox’s assets, including the FX channels and film assets.
  • Concurrently, Disney was working on building its Disney+ streaming service and has opted to keep the two services separate, with Disney+ focusing more on keeping it “family friendly” with Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm and Pixar content while Hulu will be home to edgier content from FX, Fox and other sources.
  • There are, however, some exceptions to these rules due to both strategic decisions made by Disney and licensing limitations, many of which will expire in the coming years and allow more flexibility for them to be on either streaming service.