ESPN radio host under fire for immigration comments

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

An ESPN radio and TV host has riled executives after a discussing politics on his radio show — despite a purported network “ban” on political talk.

Dan Le Batard took aim at Donald Trump on the Thursday, July 18, 2019 edition of “The Dan Le Batard Show.”

Le Batard discussed Trump’s immigration policies and the recent “send her back” rally chant.

“It is so wrong, what the president of our country is doing, trying to get reelected by dividing the masses, at a time when the old white man, the old rich white man, feels oppressed, being attacked, by minorities,” Le Batard said.

He then called out his own network: “And we here at ESPN don’t have the stomach for the fight. We don’t talk about what is happening unless there is some sort of weak, cowardly sports angle that we can run it through,” he said.

ESPN did not respond to request for comment from multiple outlets and it’s not clear if Le Batard is facing disciplinary action.

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