FDA, FTC order Alex Jones to stop selling coronavirus products

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InfoWarsAlex Jones is in trouble again.

This time federal officials have called out the conspiracy theorist for selling products on his website that claim to treat, prevent or kill coronavirus.

Jones has been touting toothpaste that claims to kill viruses in the coronavirus family on both the website and his radio show.

Both the FDA and FTC have taken issue with those products, noting that it’s illegal to claim a product can treat or cure a disease unless there is reliable scientific evidence backing up the claims.

This isn’t the first silver based product to be peddled during the pandemic — televangelist Jim Bakker was ordered to stop claiming “potions” made of colloidal silver liquid could cure coronavirus.

Like many alternative remedies, there is no solid evidence that silver can cure or prevent coronavirus and there is no FDA approved vaccines or drugs for the virus or COVID-19.

Colloidal silver liquid can actually have negative affects on your health, according to researchers.

Jones has been the target of multiple lawsuits over his website’s claims that the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged.