Fox anchor Blake McCoy says he’s been vaccinated, listed his D.C. condo and has a boat share in Chicago set for the summer

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MIA Washington, D.C. anchor Blake McCoy, who’s had quite a wild few months, has been vaccinated, has his condo in the district for sale and has signed on for a boat share in Chicago for the summer, according to a screenshot of a Facebook post obtained by Chris Weidner.

McCoy, who was taken off the air by WTTG after a Feb. 23, 2021, tweet lamenting that obese people are likely to be higher on COVID-19 vaccination shot lists. He also openly discussed dating during a pandemic, which many felt was unwise given social distancing and safety guidelines.

After about two weeks on the bench, things got worse ā€” a brief clip of him engaged in sexual activity was posted to his Instagram account. It was quickly deleted and he claimed a friend going ahold of his phone and posted the clip.

Shortly after that, he deleted or set all of his professional social media accounts to private, though he appears to still be active under personal accounts meant for friends and family.

Assuming the post is accurate and genuine, it would appear McCoy is done in Washington ā€” at least for the summer, though putting his home up for sale is probably a good indication he won’t be working in the city anytime soon and may also have experienced (or is expecting to experience) an interruption to his income.

McCoy worked in Chicago as an NBC News correspondent from 2015 to 2019.

His status at WTTG is still up in the air, though his bio was removed from the site shortly after the sex video incident.