Fox contributor wears undersized protective vest while at U.S.-Mexican border

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Fox contributor Lawrence Jones has come under fire for wearing a (rather small) protective vest during a live shot near the U.S.-Mexican border.

  • Jones tweeted a photo of himself in the vest and also appeared on air with the vest April 3, 2019 during “Hannity.”
  • The Internet was quick to make note of how small the vest was — and questioning if he was wearing it to imply the area is dangerous.
  • That notion, meanwhile, caught traction with journalists who have reported from the border — who noted they’ve never worn a protective vest during assignments near the border. One even went as far to say she’s only worn “a coat of fabulous hairspray.”

  • Jones, for his part, defended wearing the vest on air — saying that U.S. Border Patrol provided and instructed him to wear it, though that agency did not respond to the Washington Post’s request for comment on the matter.
  • Webb County, where Jones was reporting from, is safer than 80 percent of comparable counties, according to FBI crime data.
  • Others also noted that Jones’ vest was rather small and may not have provided much protection in the event of any real danger — and that Jones was not wearing protective headwear either.
  • Jones appeared on the April 4 “Hannity” — but notably was wearing a different — and bigger — vest this time around.