‘Fox & Friends’ host bolts off set to fix errant area rug

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An on set area rug that had been pulled off the floor and over some furniture set “Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade on a mission to make it right.

On Monday, Nov. 1, 2021, the show was opening with a wide shot of its sprawling studio partially to show off its new graphics that debuted that day and the jib shot captured the lower portion of the newly renamed Studio M, including the large circular LED floor that was sporting the new version of the show’s logo.

It appears someone (presumably part of the floor crew) had taken the gray area rug place camera left of the LED array and pulled it back and over the living-room style seating that’s placed in this area for segments later in the show, presumably to try to keep it out of view of the wide shots.

However, the jib ended up showing the area and the show’s co-hosts noted the rug’s odd position on air, making jokes about someone having “an accident” and that they do that every Nov. 1.

Kilmeade apparently wanted to fix things right then — he jumped out of his seat on the curvy couch and ran down the stairs, across the studio floor and proceeded to pull the area rug back in place.

He thought he was done — but then it was pointed out that one corner of the rug had folded back on itself, so he had to run back to fix that before bounding up the stairs again and retaking his seat on set.

Meanwhile, the jib caught all the action, including, quite conveniently, the large graphic on the curved video wall in the main part of the studio promoting Fox’s coverage of the World Series.

As Kilmeade came back up the stairs and Steve Doocy gave his daughter a birthday shoutout, a camera operator zoomed one of the cameras on the second level all the way out in order to capture the action, making portions of the teleprompter screen visible.