Fox is planning a ‘medical evaluation’ and interview with Trump — remotely

Fox Media’s cable network that carries “Tucker Carlson Tonight” will air an on camera interview and “medical evaluation” with , who tested positive for coronavirus Oct. 1, 2020.

The interview and evaluation will air during “” Oct. 9, 2020 and feature the network’s medical “expert” Marc Siegel.

Siegel, who is also a medical professor at NYU, has come under fire for spreading inaccurate information about COVID-19, including claiming it is similar to the common flu and pushing hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” for the disease.

It’s worth noting that Siegel will be in New York, with Trump appearing from , D.C., so Siegel will have to perform any “evaluation,” as Fox is billing it (some outlets describe it as an “examination”), remotely.

There are already protocols in place for medical professionals to conduct routine medical appointments remotely via telemedicine, something that has risen in popularity during the pandemic.

However, social media posts have been quick to point out the oddity of Trump refusing (perhaps?) to participate in a virtual remote debate, but seems willing to participate in a remote medical evaluation in order to continue painting a picture of his health.

According to CDC guidelines, those with a positive coronavirus test should only come out of isolation after two weeks — and only after being symptom free.

In an off the rails phone interview Oct. 8, 2020 with Sean Hannity, Trump was noticeably hoarse and paused several times to cough or clear his throat, and although there are other conditions that could cause these symptoms, the has been criticized for its lack of transparency involving Trump’s health, so there’s no definitive answer on what could have caused this.

The White House has also not answered repeated press inquiries as to when Trump last tested negative.

That said, Trump has been cleared by his doctors to resume public events Oct. 10, 2020, which would be a few days short of 14 days.

Plans are already under way to resume campaign rallies, which in the past have exercised little social distancing and with only a smattering attendees wearing masks according to numerous reports.