Fox News’ streaming service limits one key piece of demographic information

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Like many online signup forms, Fox News‘ streaming service Fox Nation includes a “gender” field.

  • It’s worth noting that many gender experts would object to the use of the label “gender” on this field to begin with — with “Sex” perhaps being more accurate given the choice of male vs. female (though Fox Nation is hardly alone is using what many consider a misnomer on an online form).
  • Fox Nation’s form only lets users pick from “male,” “female” or “prefer not to say.”
  • Either way, the form notably does not allow for anything but the “male” or “female” option.
  • Though “Prefer not to say” could be selected for individuals identifying as another gender, it also implies that the person is “hiding” their gender.
  • Many popular online services, including social networking site Facebook, offer a variety of options for gender.
  • Fox News hosts and commentators have repeatedly spoken out against transgender or gender identify or expression rights, so it’s not surprisingly the form is limiting.