Fox’s hiring of Lara Trump as a paid contributor is astonishing — even for Fox

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Fox’s right leaning cable network took the step in hiring Lara Trump, the daughter in law of Donald Trump in March 2021 — a move that’s raising eyebrows because of her professed interest in running for a senate seat.

The hire was announced last month and poses serious questions because Lara Trump is reportedly considering a run for senate in North Carolina. Some media watchers are calling the move extraordinary — even by Fox standards.

Not only is her role with the network paid — likely with a high price tag — but it’s also seen by some as essentially a “trial run” to test her public perception and image for a run for senate.

To be clear, Lara Trump has not announced a run for senate, and Fox has severed tied with paid contributors who made moves to run for political office in the past, but typically only after a formal announcement of a run or exploratory committee is formed.

Lara Trump has also made it clear on air that Fox execs were aware of her interest in running for office but mentioned that “all the rules” would be followed should she decide to move forward formerly.

However, the possibility of a run was all but mentioned directly during an interview with Sean Hannity April 21, 2021 that included lighthearted banter and softball questions between the two.

Lara Trump has worked as a TV producer for “Inside Edition” and the Trump campaign’s video production “Real News Update,” which was a direct dig at Donald Trump’s fondness for the term “fake news.” She holds a B.A. in communication.

She would go on to collect a $180,000 a year salary paid via a thinly veiled shield involving a Trump surrogate’s company for her role in the 2020 campaign.

In addition to Lara Trump, Fox has also hired a number former surrogates of Donald Trump in the weeks following his defeat and leaving office. At least one, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is considering a run for office (in his case, for president).

Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch even openly acknowledged that the network would take a “loyal opposition” view of Joe Biden’s administration, so the network’s leanings are hardly a secret.