Jake Tapper’s star appears to be rising at CNN — with Wolf Blitzer’s fading

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Somewhat buried in CNN’s Jan. 11, 2021, announcement of Washington, D.C. anchor and correspondent changes was news that Jake Tapper will become “lead anchor” for major coverage from the city.

In that announcement, CNN announced it would cut back Wolf Blitzer’s “The Situation Room” to an hour come April 2021, while expanding Tapper’s “The Lead” to two.

Blitzer has been a longtime fixture at CNN and was, if not in name, de facto lead anchor for much of the network’s important coverage, including elections and political news from the district.

He holds the title of “principal anchor” though it’s not clear if that title has changed or if he retains the title, but will have his role superseded by Tapper for Washington based coverage.

However, Tapper’s role has expanded and major coverage from the city also often includes other CNN anchors, including Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and more.

Blitzer, who is 72, has been with CNN since 1990. He began anchoring “The Situation Room,” named after the room in the White House used to monitor major events in the U.S. and world, in 2005.