Jeanine Pirro pushes her version of racist ‘great replacement theory’

Fox host Jeannie Pirro claimed that democrats are “plotting to replace American citizens with illegals.”

  • It all happened on , the network’s opinion service.
  • Pirro was promoting her new book, which has already received a endorsement.
  • “(Democrats) hate Donald Trump — he’s the one they want to get rid of. Their plot to remake America is to bring in the illegals, change the way the voting occurs in this country, give them licenses. They get to vote — maybe once, maybe twice, maybe three times,” she claimed on “.”
  • She continued to attack same day voter registration and proclaiming support for voter roll purging.
  • “Think about it. It is a plot to remake America — to replace American citizens with illegals who will vote for the Democrats,” she claimed.
  • Pirro’s statements largely echo the “great replacement theory” — which was cited by the El Paso gunman who opened fire at a shopping center frequented by Hispanics.
  • Pirro was suspended by Fox earlier this year for comments she made on air on her how show, “Justice with Judge Jeannine,” about Ilhan Omar.
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