Iowa station proclaims this college player made the ‘game winning shit’

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KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa, made a rather craptastic typo in a chyron during a March 12, 2022 sports segment on University of Iowa Hawkeyes guard Jordan Bohannon’s game winning three pointer.

The station ran a lower third insert banner correctly identifying Bohannon on the first line but with a second tier that read “Makes Game Winning Shit.”

That obviously was supposed to read “Makes Game Winning Shot.”

MixDex was not able to independently verify the typo but numerous screenshots from the same newscast showing the same typo have been posted on social media.

“Chyron” is the proper name of a company that makes a variety of products for broadcasters, including ones that insert lower third graphics. However, not all TV stations use Chyron products to do so, but the word “chyron” has become a generic way to refer to any similar graphic.

This site uses lowercase “chyron” in these instances to differentiate between the generic term and proper noun.