L.A. station offers Zoom backgrounds of its news set

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KTLA, Nexstar’s CW Los Angeles station, is offering viewers free digital backgrounds to use during Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms.

The images, which are available on its website, feature a wide shot of the anchor desk, a camera left view and a tighter camera center anchor desk shot.

Also available is a wide view of the station’s multipurpose area, and three separate standup area views as well as the standup area with “Tech Smart” and a view of the traffic center.

It’s worth noting that, given that most consumer grade video conferencing apps can’t place people behind virtual objects, the person will appear to be sitting in front of the various desks rather than behind them.

The multipurpose and standup options are probably the best options when trying to create a genuine look — but for a truly accurate look, the person will need to be framed off center just like the on air anchors and reporters are.

In addition to CW programming, KTLA also fills its schedule with a plethora of local newscasts — over 82 hours a week, compared to about 30 to 40 of a typical “big three” affiliated station.