Lin-Manuel Miranda ‘gave two f*cks’ to keep streaming version of ‘Hamilton’ PG-13

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Hamilton” creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda confirmed that two utterances of the F-word will be edited out of the streaming version on Disney+.

The production, which is being dubbed “HamiFilm,” was originally going to be a theatrical release until Disney+ announced it would pick it up July 3, 2020 — about a year before it was planned for movie theaters.

However, it appears one concession was to get rid of a few “fucks” — two of them to be exact.

Miranda noted on Twitter that “Hamilton” features three uses of the F word and MPAA rules dictate that once a film has more than one “fuck” it automatically gets pushed to an R-rating.

Disney+ markets itself as a more family friendly destination, so presumably the idea of an R rated film, no matter how popular it would be, didn’t sit well.

Miranda also revealed the two “fucks” that are “muted” in the release: In “Yorktown” one F word use is simply muted. In “Washington On Your Side,” a reference to “southern fuckin’ Democratic Republicans” has a record scratch sound effect covering to partially cover the word.

“Hamilton” features the use of this sound effect in other places.

In “Say No to This,” a key lyric involves Hamilton yelling “fuuu” — the start of an F bomb that is technically never finished.

Miranda said he agreed to take the profanity out of the film so that families would be less reluctant to show the film to younger kids and depriving them of learning the musical’s messages.

He also points out that viewers wanting to “add” the “fucks” back in can try synching up the original Broadway cast soundtrack with the movie.