Man scales Orlando station’s transmitter tower

A man climbed into a secure area and climbed up a television transmitter tower in Orlando.

  • WKMG, the market’s affiliate, is reporting that a man allegedly made it past a security ring around the transmitter, which sits next to the station’s studios and offices.
  • He then proceeded to climb the 400-foot tall tower, stopping after making it approximately 300 feet but eventually continuing.
  • Police have identified the man, who reportedly has a history of mental illness.
  • They are trying to communicate with him via bullhorn in an effort to get him down safely.
  • In its own online article about the incident, notes that it is not live images from the scene due to the unpredictable nature of the situation.
  • The station also notes that its own employees climb the tower for maintenance work, but always wear safety gear when doing so.
  • Because of this, the tower does have a built in “ladder” system.
  • TV station transmitter towers are typically very tall in order ensure the signals they send out (and, in some cases, receive from microwave trucks) can carry as far as possible.
  • Some TV station transmitters are located separately from the station’s building itself.
  • No matter where a tower is located, however, they are almost always surrounded by fencing or other type of barrier to prevent people from trying to climb them, which is obviously very dangerous.
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