Matt Lauer is reportedly really worried about what Katie Couric might write about him in her book

Radar Online is reporting that Matt Lauer is very eager to know what Katie Couric plans to include about him and his firing for alleged sexual misconduct in a her 2021 book.

  • Couric is slated to release “Unexpected” in 2021.
  • Lauer, according to Radar sources, has been contacting his former co-anchor to try to find out what, if anything, she’s going to mention about him in her book.
  • Couric has reportedly responded that she’s still in the early stages of planning the book and doesn’t even have an outline yet.
  • Couric reportedly received a $12 million advance for the book, which could mean the publisher is expecting it to be a huge seller.
  • Lauer, meanwhile, has been reportedly trying to repair his tarnished image and even make a return to TV after his high profile firing from NBC News and “Today.”
  • However, with the book expected to hit shelves in 2021 — roughly two years from now — it could come at an inopportune time if Lauer is hoping that, as time goes by, the scandal will fade from the public’s memory.
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