Medical TV shows start donating their hospital supplies to coronavirus fight

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

As TV productions across the country shut down, many medical shows have started donating their real life supplies to real life hospitals in need during the coronavirus outbreak.

Many TV dramas used at least some real life medical gear during production — ranging from masks, gloves and gowns. Just like in real life, these shows often treat these items as disposable and keep stock on hand.

Most medical shows try to incorporate some real life medical practices — however imaginative their other plot points might be — so you’ll often seen actors snapping off disposable gloves when leaving an exam room set, for example. Those gloves are usually real and similar or identical to what real hospitals use.

Now, shows ranging from “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Resident,” “New Amsterdam” and “The Good Doctor” are donating what they have on hand to local hospitals.

ABC’s “Grey’s” films in the Los Angeles area, while Fox’s “The Resident” films near Atlanta. NBC’s “New Amsterdam” films in New York while ABC’s “The Good Doctor” shoots in Vancouver.

Supplies being donated include the much needed N95 face masks as well as disposable gowns, gloves and other protective gear.

Non medical TV shows are also making donations of supplies including cleaning supplies and food, though it’s not immediately clear if those supplies are from their production store rooms.