MSNBC anchor under fire after some think she said the N-word on air during Kobe Bryant coverage

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An MSNBC anchor has come under fire after a slip of the tongue resulted in her saying something that sounded very close to the N-word on air during coverage of Kobe Bryant’s death.

  • Alison Morris, who also anchors streaming newscast on NBC News Now, was anchoring her weekend block of “MSNBC Live” Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020.
  • Morris was saying Bryant was “…perfectly cast on the Los Angeles…” when the word aired instead of “Lakers.”
  • In a tweet later, Morris explained she inadvertently combined the word “Knicks” (a team in the city where she is based) with “Lakers,” resulting in something like the word “Nakers.”
  • In the aftermath of the slip up, various videos of people filming off their TVs have circulated and, depending on the audio quality, the word does, in fact, sound something like the N-word.
  • However, there are also copies of the video circulating that appear to have been doctored to make it sound more like she is saying the N-word.
  • Another version purports to slow down the audio to prove she did say “Nakers” but MixDex has not independently verified it.
  • Some on social media pointed out that she should have read what was on the teleprompter, but it’s not immediately clear if she was on prompter or was ad libbing giving that it was a breaking news situation.
  • Morris is hardly the first person to make a slip like this on live TV that resulted in words sounding like the N-word, profanity or other words.
  • It’s also worth noting that the use of the N-word doesn’t even make sense contextually in the sentence Morris was saying.
  • MixDex is not publishing a copy of the video because it cannot independently verify the authenticity of the ones posted online and to avoid repeating the audio if what she said did sound like the N-word.