NBC may have gotten a ratings bonus after Christian Pulisic signs on with Chelsea Premier League team

By Matt Collins Article may include affiliate links

After paying $1 billion for a six year broadcast deal for English Premier League European football, NBC may have stumbled upon a ratings bonus after an American soccer star joined one of the British teams that play in the competition.

Christian Pulisic is reportedly being paid $73 million to join the Chelsea Football Club.

With that, NBC is hoping an American player will bring more American eyeballs to its coverage.

Last year, Pulisic played for a German football team and Fox Sports saw ratings for those games rise 28% in the U.S., according to Bloomberg.

That number shoots up to 56% if you subtract games featuring Bayern Munich, the most popular German football team.

NBC has already pre-sold its advertising for the season as part of a package, so it won’t see an immediate revenue increase from Pulisic’s signing.

However, if ratings are higher than expected, that makes advertisers happy — and potentially gives NBC the opportunity to ask for more next time around.

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