NewsNation announces slate of new hires

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NewsNation, Nexstar’s cable channel that provides news, analysis and talk programming intermixed with off-network reruns and other shows, has announced several new hires.

Mitch Carr will join the network from KPNX News12 in Phoenix as anchor of “Early Morning” and co-anchor of “Morning in America” alongside Adrienne Bankart, who launched the show in September 2021.

Former Black News Channel and MSNBC producer James Holm has signed on to executive produce “Early.”

NewsNation has also hired Chris Stirewalt, whom it describes as a “trusted elections analyst” while neglecting to mention he previously worked for Fox’s right-leaning commentary cable channel and most recently received national attention for appearing as a witness during a televised Jan. 6 insurrection hearing on June 13, 2022.

Stirewalt will serve as the network’s political editor.

Former Black News Channel correspondent Dray Clark will report for the network from New York, while former WFOR reporter Brooke Shafer will join as a correspondent but remain in Miami.

Natasha Zouves, a former KGO San Fransisco anchor, joined NewsNation as well.

The slew of hires appears to signal the company’s continued commitment in investing in the upstart cable news venture, which has so far been met with dismal to tepid, at best, ratings. Originally envisioned as a way to leverage exclusive content being capture by its local stations across the country, the venture has since shifted directions and experimented with a variety of formats.

While the channel still does draw on its local properties for some content, much of the newscasts are filled with the same U.S. and international stories featured on other cable news and network outlets along with the addition of commentary, analysis and interview shows.

Nexstar makes a significant effort to market NewsNation as being bias-free, despite earlier reports that former Fox executive Bill Shine consulted on the launch and a slew of staff resignations reportedly spurred by frustrations with the network’s editorial direction.

NewsNation’s primary news studios and newsroom are in Chicago.