No, CNN did not report that a Trump arrest is coming

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A Facebook video claiming that CNN had reported that Donald Trump would be arrested is not true.

The video, posted by on a page calling itself Adela News, is accompanied by the headline “CNN confirmed Trump will be arrested.”

As “proof” of that claim, the video uses a clip from CNN’s “New Day” Feb. 15, 2022 broadcast. On the broadcast, David Cay Johnston, who wrote “The Big Cheat: How Donald Trump Fleeced America and Enriched Himself and His Family,” is shown on camera being asked what might happen if the claims of financial misconduct inside the Trump Organization get backed up by more evidence.

He replies that he believes a grand jury will indict Donald Trump and that he will also be indicted on a state racketeering charge.

So, the Adela video claim is, at best, misleading because just because a guest, who was asked to make a prediction about the future, makes a claim certainly does not mean the network itself is reporting that information.

The video was since flagged was a “false information” tag by Facebook with fact checks performed by multiple outlets who confirmed the information noted above.