‘PBS News Weekend’ will feature new anchor, different home and behind the scenes synergy

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PBS has preparing to launch a new iteration of its weekend news broadcast that will see a new name, new anchor and new production location.

While WETA in Washington, D.C. has long been behind the production of weekday editions of “PBS NewsHour,” the 30-minute weekend editions have been produced at WNET in New York City for the past eight years.

However, as part of a broader move to combine newsgathering resources, PBS is moving the weekend editions to D.C.

Weekly political affairs show “Washington Week” will also share resources with the two programs.

The show will also become known as “PBS News Weekend” starting April 2, 2022, a name change that makes a bit more sense considering it will remain at 30 minutes.

It will be executive produced by Rachel Wellford, who had worked for “NewsHour” prior to leaving for CNN+ but is now returning to the fold.

Former NBC and MSNBC anchor Geoff Bennett will anchor from the “PBS NewsHour” set at WETA. In addition to news headlines and interviews, the program will also focus on cultural news and features.

Hari Sreenivasan, who anchored the weekend “NewsHour,” will contribute to “Amanpour & Company,” a late night global news show hosted by CNN correspondent and anchor Christiane Amanpour.

“Amanpour & Company” is an expanded version of CNN International’s “Amanpour” and includes exclusive additional content produced at WNET.