Pro-union reporter says Gannett seized her work cell phone

An Arizona Republic reporter has accused Gannett of seizing her work cell phone because of her unionizing activities.

  • Rebekah L. Sanders said that a company human resources representative demanded she turn over her company-issued cell phone.
  • “I asked how I would conduct interviews the rest of the day. She said, ‘You won’t.'” Sanders tweeted.
  • Sanders is playing a key role in a campaign to unionize the newsroom, which she suggests is the main reason why Gannett confiscated her phone.
  • Sanders said that the Gannett rep told her the phone was being seized as part of a personnel investigation into “surveillance” of coworkers, a claim Sanders denies.
  • Meanwhile, a self proclaimed “Christ follower” investigative reporter at the newspaper, Craig Harris, says he was one of “several” employees spied on. Another reporter, Yvonne Wingett Sanchez made similar claims.
  • “I confronted these reporters as well as Rebekah, and she acknowledged union organizers were watching me and whom I was talking with,” Harris tweeted.
  • Gannett did not respond to requests for comment from multiple news organizations.

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