Queen of ‘alternative facts’ departing White House

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has announced she’s stepping down from her position.

Conway makes frequent appearances on TV — including many that have come under fire for misleading statements or making political statements while in her role as a government employee.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel recommended in June 2019 that Conway be fired for “unprecedented” multiple violations of the Hatch Act.

She is also infamous for having coined the phrase “alternative facts.”

Conway will depart at the end of August, just over three months before election day.

One of the reasons she cited is to help her family with remote learning as they start the school year amid a pandemic that the U.S. has struggled to contain.

“We disagree about plenty but we are united on what matters most: the kids. Our four children are teens and ‘tweens starting a new academic year, in middle school and high school, remotely from home for at least a few months. As millions of parents nationwide know, kids ‘doing school from home’ requires a level of attention and vigilance that is as unusual as these times,” reads her statement.

Conway and her 15-year-old daughter, self described radical agnostic liberal and leftist Claudia Conway, have been engaged in a public feud in the past few weeks stemming from Claudia’s vocal opposition to her parents’ views and support of Trump.

Conway’s husband, George, also announced he is leaving The Lincoln Project, a group of anti-Trump Republicans, also citing the aim of spending more time with family.