Rachel Maddow taking two months off to work on side projects

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MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow will take a hiatus from her 9 p.m. show in order to focus on a film and podcast.

Maddow, who signed a new $30 million a year contract extension with the network in 2021, will reportedly be out two months while a rotating cast of guest hosts fill in at 9 p.m.

This break comes ahead of plans to end the daily version of “The Rachel Maddow Show” even as MSNBC shelled out more money to keep her on payroll. She was reportedly considering jumping to CNN+ or striking out on her own.

Instead, possible plans for the future could include specials and long form content from Maddow, as well as contributing to the network’s various digital properties.

Maddow is reportedly set to start working on “Bag Man,” a film about a political scandal, that’s being directed by Ben Stiller. Maddow will reportedly executive produce.

It’s not immediately clear what podcast she’ll work on during her time off, but she’s said to be teaming up with former MSNBC president Phil Griffin on several projects.

These projects could be outside of her deal with MSNBC, which appears to have given her a great amount of flexibility, including the opportunity to work on side projects.

The news comes just as February sweeps heat up and the network is set to move Stephanie Ruhle to 11 p.m., a spot vacated by Brian Williams in 2021.