Sebastian Gorka really, really wants you to know Jim Acosta has a Hispanic first name

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Free Beacon reporter and editor Alex Griswold pointed out that former Trump White House assistant turned Fox News contributor and conservative radio host Sebastian Gorka really wants people to know CNN correspondent Jim Acosta’s given first name is Hispanic.

  • Griswold tweeted screen captures of repeated tweets from Gorka about the subject.
  • Acosta is a frequent target of Trump and the White House and had his security pass revoked in 2018.
  • According to a tweet sent later by Acosta in response to Griswold’s observations, Acosta’s given first name is “Abilio.”
  • He goes on to say “James” is his middle name.
  • Acosta notes that both his father and grandfather had the first name Abilio and friends started calling him “Jimmy” as a child.

  • Acosta was born in the U.S., but traces his family heritage back to Cuba.
  • Gorka was born in Britain to Hungarian parents who fled their home country after a failed anti-Soviet uprising in the 1950s.
  • Presumably Gorka feels that Acosta is somehow trying to “hide” his Cuban lineage — likely to imply that his coverage of the White House and Trump’s proposed border wall is somehow tainted by this.
  • Cuba is an island nation with no direct land border to the U.S., but is often the topic of similar immigration debates to Mexico due to its close proximity to the U.S. and access via open ocean.
  • Gorka’s implication appears to be an attempt at both fear-mongering and the practice of “lumping” all cultures from part of the world together.
  • Ironically, many have cited Cuba and other island nations as one of the biggest — and perhaps most obvious — limitations of the proposed border wall, thanks to the fact that boats can avoid a land-based wall altogether.